Sunday, March 11, 2007

What about Liblogs?

I am not attacking Jason Cherniak, these are just suggestions. Liblogs is Jason's site, but really it a collective of engaged Liberals with an opinion. Liblogs prospers, not because of an individual, but because of the contributions from all its members.

The last week highlights several problems with the current set-up. What if a Liblogger makes statements which could be construed as offensive and "indefensible"? I admit a certain discomfort in having one individual determine what is acceptable, far too subjective for my tastes. In other words, isn't it time for Liblogs to evolve into a group that isn't quite so hierarchial? There is a certain irony in providing a medium that speaks to egalitarianism, yet it is run like a monarchy. Is Liblogs a personal vehicle to advance one's interests, or is it truly a progressive entity?

Liblogs needs a constitution, to determine certain boundaries. This constitution should be developed by the members, with a voting mechanism. There should be a group of moderators to better reflect the totality of the membership. A sense that Liblogs is "our" site, even though it is run by one individual. Afterall, without the members, Liblogs is nothing. Liblogs should remain independent from the party appartus, to ensure a free dialogue, that doesn't require censorship to appease a politically correct head office.

In defense of Jason, he allows many, many posts which directly criticize his opinions, so there is little sense that bloggers must hold their tongues. However, there is the impression in the MSM and beyond, that Jason is Liblogs- the online voice for Liberals. Is this fair, given the fact that many in the online community don't share his opinions? Is Liblogs set up in such a way that other voices are stifled by the dominance of the "leader"? Is this a system by design, if so, hardly progressive in nature? Do I, as a blogger, have any say in Liblogs, or am I simply grateful that Jason allows me to post at "his" place?

What I am getting at, we have an opportunity to evolve Liblogs and make it about Liberals, instead of one person, as it often becomes. I would appreciate any feedback.


LeDaro said...

I agree with you. Being "our" Liblogs is essential for its success.

truthteller said...

You are all pawns in a big game to advance a vain cause.

audacious said...

i would tend to think that would be a good idea.

Steve V said...

Are the lack of comments indicative of bad suggestions? All is well?

knb said...

I'm not entirely sure I'm following you Steve.

The About Us section seems to cover some of what you are saying.

Jason I think has become associated with, or rather the voice for Liblogs, due to his own promotion of same. He gets out there and promotes his blog and got quite a bit coverage during the leadership race.

I'm not following how you would get more attention paid to the entire list of bloggers or indeed if that's what you are looking for.

Sorry, I'm a bit thick today, must be the time change, lol.

Northern BC Dipper said...

Interesting post.

As a result of the events of the past few days, the Blogging Dippers has set up a voting system, where we passed six resolutions on various matters.

As a result of this vote, we should be having elections for 3 administrators pretty soon (hopefully this week). As well, we are currently creating a Charter, containing a description on how the BD is run and a Code of Conduct.

I'm not sure how this democracy thing is going to work out for the Blogging Dippers, but I'd say that maybe its something you'd might want to keep an eye on.

Steve V said...


What I am referring to is exactly what northern dipper mentions. It's just an idea to make Liblogs more of a one-man show, if Jason disagrees that his choice.

I'm thick today too :)

knb said...

Hmmm, I don't want one person associated with Liblogs. I do not see Cherniak as the spokesperson, never have, but he speaks to media, therefore he becomes the de facto rep of all. That, I have a probem with for sure, but it's fact.

I don't see how having more admin will solve that, unless they are in the media too.

Code of conduct and "how things are run", sorry, that just sounds too "big brother" to me and defeats in a way, the purpose of blogging.

If the Party, the NDP are going to associate themselves to the aggregator, well, I think that is foolish.

Personally I think the best way to "control" what goes out, is to make a choice not to visit or comment. Give the blog no notoriety. I don't read Cherniak, though sometimes use his blog to access some of his links. When all of this came up, I read his comment and RM's.

I thought RM was out of line and thought Cherniak responded like the "very young", ill exposed person he seems to be. That was obvious to me though and to restrain that, I think would be more harmful.

Both view points should have been taken for what they were, in my opinion. Sadly, you had a Kinsella chime in, also suggesting that more restrictions should take place. I can't stand what Kinsella has to say 99% of the time, but I'd hate for that view to be restricted, (no I'd love it, lol), but I wouldn't believe in it.

I guess I'm still not seeing what more admin would, could, do. Cherniak is an administrator...that's it, that's all. He's not a spokesperson for Liblogs and if he professes to be same, we should call him on it, through the media.

Werner Patels said...

This is why I suggested having "leadership elections" for political blogrolls.

Steve V said...


Fair points for sure.

"Code of conduct and "how things are run", sorry, that just sounds too "big brother" to me and defeats in a way, the purpose of blogging."

The reason I suggest something like this is specifically to avoid a big brother scenario. Not a code of conduct, but rather a statement that places restrictions on subjective readings of potential problem posts, within reason of course. A check on one perspective, not a check on discourse.

Anyways, maybe this is all a bad idea, but I'm just throwing out suggestions.

knb said...

Anyways, maybe this is all a bad idea, but I'm just throwing out suggestions.

I'm glad you put it out there. I think events like what we've just seen, gives us pause and you articulated yours.

Thanks for making me think. I believe I still have some thinking to do because I cannot see how it could work, but I love thinking!

Werner, I know you are a good person. You are going to extremes though my friend.

Steve V said...

Thinking good :)

Anonymous said...

Typical - take something that's working fine and fuss it to death. Liblogs is just fine - where's the problem? The problem is with a bunch of people navel gazing something into oblivion. I for one am very grateful to Jason for all his hard work on our behalf!!