Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taking My Ball And Going Home

Addition by subtraction, get lost:
The brother of former Liberal premier David Peterson has quit the provincial Liberal caucus to sit as an independent and then run for the Progressive Conservatives in the next provincial election...

“He’s been unhappy for a long time,” one Liberal MPP confided today.

“He sees others getting cabinet jobs and that’s hard to take.”

Sorbara said Peterson has long been frustrated by not being promoted to cabinet.

“Tim has been troubled by the prominence of his role for quite some time,” said Sorbara.

“My own sense is that not very far down the road, Tim is going to regret this decision. ”

What a principled stance, his pathetic rationale so transparent. I don't want to be a backbencher, I want to be a player and my beliefs are a distant consideration. Where can I make a donation to the local Liberals to help give this opportunistic cad his just rewards in the fall election?


knb said...

I'm a good person, really I am, so please tell me how I ended up with this guy as my MPP and Szabo as my MP? LOL.

I bet his brother is cringing.

I would agree, he'll regret it, so will Tory for taking on such a person.

Steve V said...

Wow, you are lucky knb ;)

knb said...

This is why I have never gambled!

I only moved here over a year ago. I forgot to put these factor's on my "would like to have" list.

Next move, it's the first thing I'm looking at, :).

Great pic, btw!

Mind you, I did leave Hudak's riding.

Miles Lunn said...

I wonder if he switched since the chances of the riding going Tory are pretty high. Had the current boundaries been used according to Elections Ontario, the Tories would have narrowly won the riding provincially last election. Although it is a federal Liberal riding, the provincial Tories are usually a bit stronger in the 905 belt than the federal Tories are.

Steve V said...


That's a great point.

Anonymous said...

Would it be a little sibling jealousy here as well? Both his brothers did well politically and obviously sleazy John Tory offered him something.

Not rocket science here.

wayward son said...

According the CBC radio this morning - Peterson and Tory had been discussing the move since before Christmas. Peterson didn't want to sit as an independent - he wanted to go straight to PC, but Tory convinced to hold off until now and then sit as an IND to avoid the negativity surrounding the recent floor crossing of Stronach/Emerson etc.

It seems that this was mostly over re-election. From the start Peterson felt the only way he could retain his seat is if he had a cabinet seat, when no position was offered he realized that his chances of re-election were stronger as a PC.

Doesn't seem very principled.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely "NO" principle and to me reflects same for John Tory.

Anonymous said...

It would seem obvious that McGuinty knew Peterson couldn't be trusted, hence no cabinet seat.