Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bernier Almost Kills Major General Louis MacKenzie

Conservative apologists have tried to mimimize the extent of Bernier's latest gaffe, and in so doing reveal their lack of understanding when it comes to diplomacy. This quote, from former Conservative candidate Major General Louis MacKenzie, pretty much puts any debate to an end:

"It was the biggest cockup diplomatically in my lifetime that's for sure. I almost drove off the road when I heard it being reported over the radio. All the effort, all the negotiations, all the working together with the Governor of Kandahar, including a number of projects with the provincial reconstruction team, was impacted by this comment. I don't know maybe he got his talking points mixed up, but it really was an unforgivable error".

Two hands on the wheel at all times Lou, the Conservative road is full of potholes.


knb said...

LOL! Well done Steve from title to closing line.

Steve V said...

Let's hope Rae picks up on these quotes.