Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keep Shovelling Pierre

Below, Pierre Poilivre demonstrates the correct method for spreading manure:

Little does Pierre know, he is really digging his own grave.

We've already seen a couple of polls, showing the "in and out" scandal hitting the Conservatives hard. This Harris Decima poll finds overwhelming rejection of the Conservative spin machine, Canadians aren't buying the bull:
Fifty-eight per cent of respondents told The Canadian Press/Harris-Decima survey they don't believe the Tories' insistence that they did nothing wrong. Only 26 per cent found the Conservative defence to be believable.

You see a lot of polls, rarely do you such unanimity, a full 70% of people that responded don't believe the Conservatives. Even when you factor in those that didn't respond, the 26% who believe the Cons is below their base support, nevermind any hope of attracting swing voters.

What is possibly worse for the Conservatives, the "don't believe" numbers are highest in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. You can't spin these results away, Canadians, in convincing terms, don't buy the weak excuses, they believe the Conservatives "cheated" in The kicker, I would argue a good percentage of these numbers where driven by the Conservatives own mis-management of this entire affair, their amateurish reactions, silly rationalizations.

Everyone can take great comfort, the next time Pierre rises to spew the nonsense, knowing full well NOBODY IS BUYING.


Anonymous said...

Was it 33% who thought the scheme could have affected the election outcome?
Dion couldn't ask for a more opportune time...

Red Canuck said...

Their spin is so ridiculous and has changed so often since this whole thing broke, I sometimes wonder whether the Cons actually believe it, or if they're just toe-ing the party line.

Steve V said...

33% thought it a "decisive factor", 56% didn't.

wilson said...

This poll is a waste of time and money, if they didn't also ask the 58% if their voting intentions changed because of it.

The Crop poll suggests that believed or not, In and Out did not hurt the Conservatives in Quebec.

This poll was taken before Duceppe was exposed and the Father of In and Out.
Sued his own candidate for not following the ad scheme the Bloc called 'in and out', and won, candidate had to pay the Bloc $16k for lost taxpayer funded rebates.
All parties use in and out.

Steve V said...



Anonymous said...

The Tories credibility on this issue is gone. I think the public has reached its bull saturation point on this and every other issue.

Scott Tribe said...


Too bad for you Cons. Kool-Aid drinkers that Elections Canada doesn't believe that to be the case - neither former Chief Electoral Officer Conservative appointee Jean-Pierre Kingsley nor current Chief Electoral Officer Conservative appointee Mark Marynard think anyone is guilty of this bu the Cons.

On another note, can you try coming up with an original thought? If I want to see Pierre Poilivere's rantings, I'll watch Question Period. We don't need a rerun from you.

James Curran said...

Scott, Wilson is Pierre.

Steve V said...

About as effective as him too.

clh said...

Yes, things are looking bad for the Conservatives. The National Post has an editorial today titled Elections Canada Vendetta saying "At worst, the Conservatives engaged in some creative financing in a grey area of elections law".

Reminds me of their article which said that Conrad Black was being prosecuted "because of a sluggish share price allegedly caused by over-generous management fees paid to Black". We know how that one turned out.

RuralSandi said...

You know, this whole "everybody is picking on me" and mummy my teacher doesn't like me really takes away from this leadership image.

It just confirms that Harper is a paranoid, sulky, petty and has a bad attitude.

Hardly leadership skills.

By the way - it takes two CONS to shovel - they can't each handle one? What a bunch of wimps.

Steve V said...


Shovels are heavy you know, especially when using dense bullshit.