Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Shame (with poll)

Quite a week for the Conservative spinsters, working so hard, getting nowhere, embarrassing themselves in the process. Maybe the worst example, Ryan Sparrow's attack on a former Conservative candidate, for committing the ultimate sin- telling the truth:
In response to former Conservative candidate Joseph Goudie:

In an affidavit sworn on Wednesday for Elections Canada, which is investigating the scheme to determine whether election laws were violated, he says: “I feel angry that I and [the] campaign team have been dragged into this mess.”

Conservative Party spokesman Ryan Sparrow says the allegations are merely gripes from a failed campaign.

“These advertisements purchased by the local campaigns were identified as such in the tag lines required by the rules for election advertising,” Mr. Sparrow wrote in an e-mail Friday. “These are people who wanted to run for the Conservative Party. They knew the program was legal. They are speaking out now – a full two years later because they lost.”

Eating your own, has it come to this?

Who's the worst of the worst:


900 ft Jesus said...


the pompous little prick came fist followed by The Mouth.

(that was fun, thanks)

Greg said...

If you put an "All of the above" option in it would win, hands down.

Tomm said...


I gotta pick Sparrow.

But to be quite honest, the entire CPC machine should be selected.

The candidates are just following party HQ orders. Its the big brained guys in the back room deciding to go to battle with Elections Canada. Somebody's career within the CPC machine should be changing direction. To go to war with Elections Canada over 5% of their elections spending, and not even that but tax rebates on the 5%.

Its beyond stupid.


Steve V said...


It's not like the party doesn't have the money in the coffers to augment whatever didn't come back from EC. The legal action looks to be kneejerk, a pattern to put a potential controversy on the perceived backburner. However, apart from what happened or didn't, the WORST part, by far, how this raid and the aftermath were handled. That secret press meeting has to be one of the stupidiest ideas I've ever heard, alienating the messenger- that's damage control? Whomever's idea that one was deserves a demotion, but methinks the big guy had a hand in it.

"All of the above" is too easy :)