Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Keep The Faith Kady

Kady O'Malley has done a fantastic job documenting the dysfunction that is the Justice Committee. Today, the routine of watching the Art Hanger obstruction show has Kady questioning her existence:
It's times like this, I've got to say, that can give even the most devoted committee blogger a bit of an existential crisis. Why am I here, standing outside a West Block committee room? What am I doing? What is my purpose on this planet? Is it really to wait for Art Hanger to storm out of a meeting and glare for the cameras? I guess so.

One of your purpose's is too give Canadians a interesting, witty, with just the right dash of sarcasm, perspective on the insanity that consumes our elected officials. Keep the faith Kady!

A great read.


Dominic LeBlanc's latest attempt to circumvent the Hanger filibuster. An opposition motion:
April 4, 2008 — Mr. LeBlanc (Beauséjour) — That the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights be instructed to undertake a study to determine whether existing statute law, including Section 119 of the Criminal Code, currently serve as effective deterrents in preventing attempts to bribe Members of Parliament and that the said Committee report its findings to the House no later than May 16, 2008.


Tomm said...


Still riding this hobby horse?

Why don't you ride it into the Senate so you can shine a light on the delays and deferments occurring on government business and the passing lane being given to junk bills like Pablo's & McTeague's?

How many posts have you written specifically on the Cadman Affair? There's no smoking gun, the second hand evidence isn't even reasonable (New $1 Million Life Insurance policy for a man dying of cancer?), and his widow telling us what Chuck said is running for the party the Liberal's are trying to smear?

What makes you think that this is the stuff a party that wants to be the government of Canada should be spending inordinate amounts of time on?

Sorry man, its just lame.

If your point is committee obstruction, just ask the LPC to look in the mirror for their share of that. The Canadian public will end up giving Harper a majority, just to end the Liberal blockages.


Steve V said...

"Sorry man, its just lame."

If it's so lame, then just answer the questions. Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about. The fact that there is nothing but roadblocks speaks volumes.

Tomm said...


If the story is that Finley, Flanagan, and Harper haven't taken a lie detector, than you've still got a loser.

Chretien & Shawinigate, Martin & Stronach, Martin & Dingwall, Gagliano & Guite, the list is endless. Should the Tories have blown up commons committee's until these guys took lie detectors?

As the saying goes, "will it play in Peoria?" The answer is no it won't. If you want proof, ask Joyce Murray.

You may find the whole thing unseemly, but you are truly asking the world to be fairer to the LPC than the LPC has been to the world.

Steve V said...

"You may find the whole thing unseemly, but you are truly asking the world to be fairer to the LPC than the LPC has been to the world."

Do you seriously believe this tripe you type. It's just nonsense.


Tomm said...


You make an outrageous assumption that the CPC has done something ugly and un-ethical. Than you try moving heaven and earth to prove your hypothesis.

This is just turning into bad science.

In regards to whether I believe what I write, it depends. Usually I'm having fun and debating a point doesn't always mean I'm sold on my own rhetoric. I think you can usually tell when I'm having you on.

In this case, it isn't meaningful, its the perception, because the truth is unavailable to us. Neither you nor I will ever know what was precisely asked, what was answered, and how much Harper was involved.

Steve V said...

Whatever, I honestly don't care.

Joe said...

So Steve V have you stopped beating your wife yet?

All you need to do is just answer the question Steve V.

Your not answering the question is just making you look bad Steve V.

Come on Steve just answer the damn question.

Sound familiar. Before you delete think.

Anonymous said...

Ignore them Steve.

Eventually their children will murder them in their sleep.

Steve V said...


What an ass.

Mike said...


Did you not get the memo? This is what is meant by "Accountability and Transparency" in CPC circles - filibuster, stonewalling and refusing to answer questions. Remember, they had a whole handbook won how to sabotage committees.

Steve V said...

And, isn't it funny, that they are threatening an election over committee dysfunction, when they devised a SOP on how to make them dysfunctional. It blows the mind.