Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth To Conservative Party

When I read these lines of attacks on the Conservative Party website, it furthers my view that most of the supposed strategic prowess the Conservatives enjoy is more media construct, than practical application. The Conservative site is juvenile at the best of times, but the latest attack on Dion's environmental record is just plain stupid:
The facts:

In December 2005, environmental groups awarded the Liberal government with the “Fossil of the Day” award at the Montreal conference that was being chaired by Stephane Dion (ECO, December 2, 2005, and ECO, December 3, 2005)

The Liberal government that Dion was a part of received 89 Fossil of the Day awards from 1999-2005, second only to the U.S. and a head of Saudi Arabia. (

The Conservatives detail the Liberal record, using the fossil statistics (their link doesn't work, but let's take their word on it). What I find amazing, that this response welcomes the easy retort, and that is pointing to the Conservatives unprecedented haul of fossil awards. The Liberals received 89 in six years? Well, the Conservatives received 25 awards in just 12 days. Beat that Liberals! The Liberals were second, only to the United States? Well, the Conservatives had no peer in Bali, securing the most first's, and even with the Americans overall. Take that Dion! You're no John Baird my friend.

If you have the most abysmal record on a particular measure, the last thing you do is draw attention to it, in trying to discredit your opposition. You mention other things, the usual Baird spin, try to make your point. You don't highlight your weakness, and invite the unfavorable comparison. The Liberals were bad, but somehow we are even worse, is hardly a persuasive argument. Good one brainiacs, clearly a keeper for an election campaign.


sassy said...

Good morning Steve,

Is the first link in the first para. (attack) correct?

Perhaps it is me .. ..not enough coffee yet. :)

Gayle said...

Isn't that cute - Johnathon learned how to cut and paste!

Why doesn't he say anything about ruining Canada's reputation internationally, or filibustering committees, or creating a backlog in immigration applications by failing to appoint immigration officers, or bringing us to the verge of a deficit, or fanning the flames of separtism in Quebec.

But hey, they forced that crime package through...

Scott Tribe said...

Johnathon is a troll - he does this at many liberal and progressive blogs.. and he and his comments should be removed by any and every blogowner that has had the displeasure of seeing him appear on here.

I'll say again Steve - Haloscan is your friend, if you were to get it :)

Scott Tribe said...

BTW, Ontario Girl, that wasn't a gaffe. Obama has called for the same thing. And guess what? Even though the Republicans tried to make that into a "gaffe" too, not long after they were launching raids into Pakistan. I didn't hear the right-wing noise machine either down there or up here mention that inconvenient fact.

Nice to see you trying to dredge up old news in an attempt to I assume cover for the embarrassment known as Maxime Bernier though.

Scott Tribe said...

Glad to see you can actually post stuff without needing to cut-and-paste things word for word, Johnathon... though I see you're still not able to deviate from the standard Con Kool-Aid.

You're a troll, plain and simple.

Steve V said...

Thanks sassy :)


Johnathon who? Ontario Girl, never heard of her ;)

Steve V said...

The reason for deleting, absolutely nothing to do with the post, just mindless Con supporter NONSENSE.

MarkCh said...

Aren't you contradicting yourself here? You're saying it is a bad idea for the Conservatives to focus on the "fact" that the Liberals are less solid on the environment than the make themselves out to be, but that it makes sense for the Liberals to hammer on about Conservative "corruption". Or are you saying that "in and out" was worse than the sponsorship scandal?

Steve V said...


It makes sense when the entire premise of the last election campaign was a return to honest, ethical government. Isn't it odd, that while Harper was putting himself on the moral pedestal, his party was in the process of scheming to rob Canadian taxpayers. The real irony, some of the ads were probably about accountability. Absolutely no contradiction, unless of course you are focusing on the chasm between Conservative actions and rhetoric.

Prairie Kid said...

It doesn't really matter how many awards either party won. The fact remains that the Liberal party's abysmal record regarding the environment has done nothing to help Canada. And they had 13 years to do something about it. To really compare apples to apples you have to give the Conservatives the same amount of time. But the really funny party is that the Liberals truly believe that they actually did something when in fact things only got worse under their watch.

And I see some bashing of Conservative visitors to this blog. When I type in liblogs into the address, it is followed with the words freethought. I guess that just means freethought as long as it follows the party line.

Steve V said...

"And I see some bashing of Conservative visitors to this blog. When I type in liblogs into the address, it is followed with the words freethought. I guess that just means freethought as long as it follows the party line."

If that was true, then your comment wouldn't be here :) I'm not going to allow someone to copy and paste the Conservative platform.

"It doesn't really matter how many awards either party won."

My point is, don't draw attention to something, when you look relatively abysmal.

Steve V said...

Man, it's hard to keep up. What an ethical bunch.

Möbius said...

My point is, don't draw attention to something, when you look relatively abysmal.

No disagreement with you here. The Libs want to run on the environment?

Steve V said...

"The Libs want to run on the environment?"

As strange as it may seem, I believe they can compared to this government. Another factor to consider, how much May's belief that Dion would be the better PM plays in an election.

Anonymous said...

Great. We're now engaged in a battle over whether Canada has the worst or second-worst climate change record in the entire world.

I have only three things to suggest in response to that: N.D.P.

Steve V said...


That explains the Greens, to some extent. Did you know, and I found this fascinating, that the Greens are now the second choice of women voters 18-35? For the first time, ahead of the Conservatives and the NDP (source Decima).