Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"It's unclear why Elections Canada undertook this action today"

The Prime Minister doesn't understand, so let's cut through the fog for him- poor guy. Generally, when your office is raided by the RCMP, in connection with an investigation, it usually means that you have been stonewalling, and this was the last resort to acquire information. See, Elections Canada wouldn't ask for the raid, if they felt you had been honest, as you claim. If you really were "forthcoming in handing over all relevant documents", then there isn't really a need for a raid. Seems sort of clear, dare I say logical, doesn't it? I'm sure Canadians understand.

The best part about the RCMP raid, it brings an issue which never really capitivated the public to the fore. The in and out scandal is complicated, in many respects it had fallen off the radar. However, nothing says juicy like the RCMP raiding your party headquarters. So much for trying to slip this one under the rug.

I really feel bad for Van Loan, because he has lost his "tyranny of the majority" argument, as it relates to the committee chaos. Pretty simple math, two of the committee's in limbo are being obstructed, in matters to do with potential illegal activities by Conservatives. This raid brings the focus back to the Procedure and House Affairs Committee, and it supports the notion that the Conservatives are stonewalling for partisan purposes. Good luck with those lame talking points now Pete.

What goes around, comes around.


ottlib said...

If I read this story correctly the RCMP was executing a search warrant.

Of course, you need to convince a judge to issue one of these and they will not do so unless law enforcement can show probably cause.

At the very least that should indicate that there is more to this than the Conservatives are letting on.

As well, with the Mounties involved this is no longer a civil issue regarding refunds for Conservative candidates. There is now a criminal component to this scandal. After all, law enforcement usually does not get involved unless there is suspected breaking of criminal law.

Steve V said...


That was LeBlanc's point today, and it has been picked up by others. Van Loan was reduced to talking about NDP lawn signs in Toronto, he had no answer for the "criminality".

Gayle said...

The CEA allows the Commissioner to obtain a search warrant, so the RCMP could have just been there to execute it and did not obtain it themselves.

Also, the offence being investigated would be a breach of the CEA and not a Criminal Code offence.

That said, it cannot be about the lawsuit because that is a civil action, and disclosure is ordered using civil rules. One party cannot simply obtain a warrant to search the premises of the other party. The cons are not being alltogether truthful when they relate it to their lawsuit.

At the end of the day, this is all about an investigation. There are many cases when a search warrant is executed and no evidence is obtained, so for now all we know is that a judge was convinced there are reasonable grounds to search.

PS - I cannot wait to see how Wilson spins this one. :)

knb said...

gayle, she's already been to my place but after a first lunge, she's a little quiet at the moment.

knb said...

This raid brings the focus back to the Procedure and House Affairs Committee, and it supports the notion that the Conservatives are stonewalling for partisan purposes.

Exactly and I for one am pleased about that. Being the committee geek that I am, it's been driving me crazy to see the media not pay attention to this stuff in any meaningful way.

Oddly, this committee was scheduled to sit today, then mysteriously the schedule changed. Oh and the Justice committee that wants to look at the Cadman affair? Adjourned after a few minutes.

Steve V said...

"PS - I cannot wait to see how Wilson spins this one. :)"

I guarantee it will have something to do with the Liberals.

The BT's are pretty silent, except for complaining about the CBC. The funny part, all the comments mention Adscam (people will never forget!). It's almost sad, that's all they have, comparing themselves to the dirty Liberals. I LOVE every second of it.

knb said...

What year was Adscam?

What year did the following come out?

- The In and Out scheme?
- Cadman Affair?
- Filibusterpalooza?
- Mulroney/Schreiber, with Harper being close to Mulroney?
- Censoring the Arts?
- Phony Environment Plan?
- Minister of finance attacking Ontario?
- O'Brian/Baird mayoral campaign?
- Mackay messing up as Minister of FA?
- Bernier messing up as Minister of FA?
- O'Connot messing up as Minister of Defense?
- Lunn interferring and firing Linda Keene?
- Potential deficit?

Oh the list is too long so I'll leave it there.

The Con's are big on stating that the Lib's stand for nothing these days and their supporters are big on supporting them no matter what.

My wish is that the platform they beleived they were elected on, honesty and transparency, is what takes them down.

It would be an honest take down and while I too want to see an election there is an argument to made here that government's take themselves down.

Maybe Dion's timing has been bumpy, but perhaps it will pay off.

The Grumpy Voter said...

>>It's almost sad, that's all they have, comparing themselves to the dirty Liberals. <<

That's a powerful statement about how bad politics in this country has become. Both the Liberals and Tories come to the table with dirty hands.... hmmm, who to vote for, who to vote for? Maybe you can help me decide, eh?

So really, is this about scoring political points at the expense of the other guy or, you know, doing something positive for Joe and Suzy Citizen?

Steve V said...


If you see no difference ethically, then ask yourself, which party is open, which party allowed an investigation (Martin and adscam), and which party obstructs the committee's. The Liberals never claimed the high ground, the debates are open and honest, division is welcome. The other side is Stalinist, people are afraid to speak their mind, it is retail politics, you vote the sale. One knows they are fallible, the other lives in a dream world of self.


The only people who still care about Adscam are conservative trolls on the blogs. Is there one Liberal sitting in parliament with any link whatsoever to adscam? MacKay brought it up yesterday in the House, when he had no answer, he just said Adscam. It's hilarious.

BTW, that is quite the list we are amassing. Imagine 13 years worth ;)

knb said...

Grumpy, I believe the current Lib Party will come to the table with real solutions.

Should we all be in the gutter? No. But damned if you don't fight back and damned if you do.

'High roads' are what this is all about. The Con's tell the nation that they took it, but obviously they did not.

Do you think it's good strategy, no nevermind strategy, do you think it's a good idea to not tell the people of this country is going on?

I'm with you on wanting to raise the discourse and get to substantive issues, but I think it's going to take another cycle to do that.

That said, I think the Lib's can bring real matters forward in the next election, but they will be linked to how poorly this government has done and yes, include junk like this.

This 'purity' stuff is what the Con's stood for. How can you ignore that?

knb said...

Indeed, MacKay sounded idiotic.

Yes the list is long in a short time.

Ours, while not perfect, never accomplished this much junk in 2 years.

The con's seem to be back to their talking points now...EC is aganst us. Everyone is against us. Whaaa!

Good I say. Keep up that defense. It's really paying off.

RuralSandi said...

Boy, MacKay sure likes to hear himself talk - when interviewed he goes on and on and on and on - but doesn't really say anything.

You know, the CPC keep talking about strength and leadership - how strong is it to play the victim card? Playing the victim card is "weak".

Seems to me that whenever there is something legitimate to investigate - the CPC's sue - very suspicious looking to me.

If they have nothing to hide - let the investigations happen, get it over with.

Harper plays the victim - that is an absolute sign of weakness.