Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey Pierre

Pierre Poilievre during Question Period today, answered ever question with an example of opposition use of their own "in and out". Duceppe asks a question, Pierre responds with examples of the Bloc doing the "same thing". LeBlanc asks a question, Pierre gives an account of how he and other Liberals did the "same thing". Point, counter-point, hard to find the truth, maybe Pierre is really on to something?

I was wondering if Pierre could go one further, considering other parties where playing on the margins, just like the Conservatives. Surely, there must exist some former Liberal candidates, disgruntled Bloc candidates, forsaken NDP candidates, who would be willing to come forward to question the ethics of their own parties "schemes". Clearly, there must be a riding somewhere, where an opposition candidate refused to participate, their moral compass out of whack?

Since everyone is doing the "same thing", then why is it that only former Conservative candidates like Cynthia Downey, Joe Goudie, Gary Caldwell, Barbro Soderberg are on record questioning their party's actions? Why were there two Conservative ridings that flatly refused to participate in the perfectly legitimate expenditures? Why do we only hear of Conservatives smelling something "fishy"?

Hey Pierre, we don't need to compare and contrast with other parties. Seems to me, we can just use CONSERVATIVES to prove the point. I wait with anticipation for former Liberal, Bloc and NDP candidates to come forward and demonstrate their own reservations and questions about their respective party's activities. Seems entirely logical, after all everybody was doing it. Right?


Red Tory said...

An excellent question!

Canajun said...

Maybe Pierre can run a contest and get some local high school students to write a paper on it or something.
I think the specific question should be, "But Pierre, did those candidates submit receipts in an attempt to get the Canadian taxpayer to reimburse them to the tune of 60% for money they never had and never spent?"

Greg said...

Don't you understand how big this conspiracy is, Steve? All non-Conservatives in on it. Everyone. Look under your bed, my friend. No one is safe.

Koby said...

One thing should be made clear. 11Conservative MPs and 6 failed Conservative candidates have received $421,731.88 in rebates.


Gayle said...

Those rebates were received prior to EC receiving information that the CPC may have been usin gthe "In and Out" in order to circumvent the cap. It was all explained in the affidavit in support of the SW.

Mike said...

In the old days, when I was a Dipper, I worked on the campaign of One of Piierre's opponents, Laurel Gibbons. We regularly had to forgo donations from unions, either as money or in-kind, because it clearly violated the Elections Act or looked like it might. We never got money from the National office that had to be immediately paid back. We never got doctored invoices to submit to EC.

Our treasurer is a small businessperson and an accountant, with ethics. She would never have put up with this.

In short, no one else did this.

It makes me wonder about the ethics of all those other accountants in the CPC ranks...