Thursday, April 10, 2008

Put A Sock In It

I think the Liberals should vote against the Conservative immigration reforms and force an election. I think taking a pass on this key issue amounts to political suicide, and will bring lasting damage to the Liberal brand. I also think Liberal MP Andrew Telegdi should shut his big yapper:
The Harper government survived a potential election-triggering vote on its controversial immigration bill Wednesday after Liberals voted with the government. But at least one Liberal MP is threatening to break ranks unless the party takes a stand soon against the bill.

But Liberal MP Andrew Telegdi, who represents the Ontario riding of Kitchener-Waterloo, said Wednesday he will vote against the bill when it comes up for third reading in the House of Commons, no matter what position his party takes.

"They can't move my seat any further back, can they?" Telegdi said in an interview, referring to his status as a backbench MP and any repercussions he might face for breaking party ranks. "It's a horrible bill."

First off, why exactly are you going public after first reading, when you know this issue is far from resolved? Telegdi sounds the alarm bells in the middle of the first act, strange and stupid all at once. Telegdi, have you heard of a thing called closed doored caucus meetings? If you're trying to send a message, about all you achieve is projecting dissent, when we need it least. Spouting off, at this time, when there are plenty of signals that a "stand" looms, just demonstrates why you are on the backbench. Put a sock in it.


Blues Clair said...

Monsieur Far and Wide, Check out Ish Theilheimer's editorial Intolerance Peeks Out of the Closet. It might shed some light on Dion's strategy on not taking the government down on the Conservative's immigration legislation. I thought Ish made some interesting points.


MississaugaJoan said...

The average Canadian does not care about this issue, and thus, calling an election over an issue the average Canadian does not care about, is plain stupid.

This blog is wiser than to make this suggestion, unless of course, it has decided that it wants Dion gone earlier than later so the Deputy or the Ray can get a quick rematch before they must be set out to pasture.

Steve V said...


Actually, it's the only way to prevent the slow death. If you're okay with "laughable" then you don't understand that this is the moment. You don't get your credibility back. I don't know why people can't see, we are sealing our own fate, it's lasting and irrepairable damage time. I'm sorry, it's just really obvious now, it's cementing.

Steve V said...

Here's a question- are the Liberals in a better position now than they were when they started abstaining? Is Dion improving within this environment?

Anonymous said...

"Here's a question- are the Liberals in a better position now than they were when they started abstaining? Is Dion improving within this environment?"

You know my stance on election timing, so I will throw this question back to you. Are the Grits in a better position with Bob Rae and Martha Hall Findlay in caucus? I will not answer the second question, because if the answer is yes, the new slogan should be "Stronger Together, Win Together".

No one will tell Telegdi or Karygiannis to shut up. They are tolerable while in government and will probably be the ones to turn out the lights when the Nervous Nellies are all fed up with this political game.

Steve V said...

"Are the Grits in a better position with Bob Rae and Martha Hall Findlay in caucus?"

Not sure how you highlight, when all the coverage is dominated by how weak the Liberals are. It's a plus they are there, and the "team" idea is a winner, but nobody cares when you're cowering, it's not even registering. I guess people just have to come to the realization that the perception is growing that we are a joke, which means any thoughts to comfort are superceded by a persistent, unrelenting frame that is terminal.

Are you touring the blogs, there's an air of depression? You don't think that sentiment is representative of other, non-line Liberals? From what I'm hearing, in both arenas, the views mirror, this posture is demoralizing, it's a sure loser. Dion can't win now, is a guarantee that Dion will never win.

Anonymous said...

I have put the response to your question in my blog. Biting but reflects the opinion of many like minded progressives.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

depressed is exactly it Steve V

clh said...

I don't know what to make of Telegdi, but the press spin on this issue could easily change.

The National Post has really been cranking up the election-fever/shaming-humiliation talk with articles suggesting Harper might have to go to the GG and others saying that Dion cannot possibly be any more shamed or humiliated. Strikes me that this is a very high level of rhetorical spin over an issue which will now go to committees, be more thoroughly aired, and could bring out some racist fears (like the Kenney quote in your subsequent post).

I see the right wing press trying to drown out any suggestions of a dark underside to the Harper government and the rest of the press being lazy and repeating a well-worn framing. If the Liberals are successful in getting the legislation aired in committees and it ends up getting unsavory press, that will displace the current spin.