Thursday, April 03, 2008

R.I.P Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski

"Let me put it to you this way. There's A's and B's. The A's are guys like me. The B's are homosexual faggots with dirt in their fingernails that transmit diseases."

Maybe he could guest blog on Small Dead Animals?


Complete transcript here.


Steve V said...

"Mr. Lukiwski quickly apologized for the remarks, which he said don't represent his true views."

Of course they don't, they never do.

KC said...

Tom Lukiwski isnt going anywhere. His fellow Saskatchewan MP Maurice Vellacott (whose riding I currently live in) makes his career as a homophobe and still gets reelected. Lukiwski will be forgiven by his constituents due to the passage of time despite their extreme nature. Thats my prediction.

Antonio said...

tell us how you really feel Tom

I dont think he needs to resign tho because then Liberals wouldnt be able to bring it up at every turn.

also this did happen 16 years ago, I know conservatives dont believe in evolution but I would hope that maybe he truly does no longer share these views...

Besides he needs to come to montreal so I can blast him with my diseased filled fingernails

pew pew pew

Justin Socie said...

I think that KC is right to the extent that this won't make Lukiwski unelectable (sadly). If he gets dumped it will be due to national concerns rather than local electibility.

RuralSandi said...

Ya, it was 16 years ago - but he was "40" then. We can say stupid things when we're young but by 40 your views are pretty much set.

There's a huge difference between doing and saying something stupid and a direct bigoted statement that was made.

Of course he's apologized and of course he's shaken up - it's about his career and saving his ass right now.

Justin Socie said...

Link to the vid:

Justin Socie said...

That was dumb. Just click here for the video.

knb said...

kc, I'd love to know more about how he makes his career as a homophobe.

knb said...

sandi. Exactly!

knb said...

Steve. Strategic patience?

My view tonight is that this sad event speaks to a larger story.

KC said...

Oh no. Im not going there. Last guy I knew who had the audacity to publicly point out the depravity that is Maurice Vellacott got sued for libel. Vellacott's exploits are well documented. If you're really interested go digging. Until then I stand by my general statement.

This is what you call libel chill.

knb said...

Fair enough kc.

I just thought there was public record kind of stuff.

I don't blame you. I find that man very creepy to be honest.

Steve V said...


I didn't follow that?

I think he's gone, because let's not forget he came to be a candidate because Harper turfed another Reformer for saying homosexuality should be outlawed. Harper doesn't follow his own precedent?

BTW, in that video he looks like an extra for the Trailer Park Boys ;) Nice open collar, with the chain :)

RuralSandi said...

70's open shirt and chain - looks like he thinks he's a stud muffin.

I don't think this will end here - I think people will start searching for the Conserv. bigots.

knb said...

Steve, go to my place. I think this sick story will attach itself to current legislation.

By strategic patience I mean waiting for the right variables to present themselves.

LOL. Yeah I'm with you on the look. Ugh. Who did that past the 70's? It was vile then and to think that they still walked the earth in the 90's is beyond laughable. I wonder what Stock looked like at the time, ;).

Steve V said...

Joy MacPhail made a great point today, when people tried to say it was 17 years ago. If you look at his voting record since, his positions, it supports those notions, there is no evolution.

I thought I was watching a WKRP re-run at first.

I'm heading over...cream no sugar :)

Anonymous said...

Evolution for Lukiwski is staying alive as a Con MP and being consistently muzzled in the CPC caucus. And getting the Wheat Board scrapped for his supporters.

Give Larry Spencer credit though. He walked the walk. He stood down for Lukiwski and went to the Christian Heritage Party. Also wrote a book that was critical of Harper.

I may be weird, but I tend to like these Christian Heritage Party wackos. They are like broken clocks which means that they are right only twice in the scope of 24 hours.