Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conservative MP Disses Attack Ads

Someone didn't get her talking points faxed from the PMO:
Recent released Tory ads attacking Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff have failed to impress at least one Conservative MP.

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod said she doesn't like the ads and would prefer to take the political high road.

She believes political parties use such tactics because they work, but she favours the political discourse to revolve around policy.

"Unfortunately, it seems the tactics have success or otherwise they wouldn't do this — but again do I like it, no," McLeod told KTW.

"I'm responsible for how I conduct myself and I haven't been able to change the world."

McLeod said she hopes these types of ads don't create public cynicism or turn off voters from going to the polls and getting engaged politically.

Expect a phone call Cathy, this freelancing and candor will not stand! If a Conservative MP isn't impressed, I wonder what her constituents think?


Tomm said...

Cathy McLeod is certainly someone to watch.

It would be nice if politics wasn't this adversarial.

I wish her all the best.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about her, but I hope she is expressing her true sentiments.

It is possible she just fears a backlash in her own riding. If BC seats were to start slipping away from the conservatives, I would think the Kamloops area down through the Okanagan might be ripe for picking (and I'm not talking wine grapes ;).

My guess is it is probably something in between - she probably does think they are stupid (because they are) and may also be trying to insulate herself a bit with her own constituents.

Dave said...

THAT is my former riding of six months ago. I know the politics there. She was parachuted in amongst extreme infighting in Conservative circles.

The truth is that it was a long standing NDP stronghold with Nelson Riis being sent to Ottawa.

McLeod knows she's on thin ice and she was a reluctant candidate in the first place.

This is getting interesting.

Good catch!!

Steve V said...

"It is possible she just fears a backlash in her own riding."

She's been in her riding for a few days now, hopefully this is in response to "feedback".

Anonymous said...

How long until Harper gets rid of her?

Werner Patels said...

This is the kind of rectitude we need to see more of in our elected officials.

There are too many "echo chambers" out there -- in Ottawa, in the blogosphere, etc. MPs are individuals and they should be allowed to speak their minds freely -- in fact, they should be required to do so. They represent their constituents, after all, and not the party.