Friday, May 01, 2009

Convention Turnout

From pre-convention media reports, we've heard talk of 1500-2000 Liberals expected to attend. Today Michael hinted that turnout was quite strong, and now we have some confirmation, which I can confirm isn't "padded":
VANCOUVER – Over 2,500 Liberals from across the country pulled up their sleeves and got down to the work of renewing the Liberal Party through commission meetings, policy think tanks, and election readiness workshops.

“We’re delighted with the convention turnout,” said Rocco Rossi, the Liberal Party’s national director. “Liberals know we have a big job ahead of us – which is why we’re here in numbers to exchange ideas in an open and inclusive dialogue about how to earn the trust of Canadians.”

A great number, all things considered. I know there was some nervousness in the past few weeks that the lack of "substance", plus the expense, would translate to a smaller turnout than hoped. Given the media penchant to find issues, a bad turnout would clearly have been seized upon as evidence of apathy or whatever else could be invented by bored "minds". The fact the attendance number is well beyond expectations is another feel good theme.

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