Monday, May 11, 2009

Tony Clement To America: Tell Me What To Do

Tony Clement sure is consistent, if nothing else. I suppose you could allow Clement some slack for his constant referrals to the American administration when it comes to GM and Chrysler, given their bilateral existence. However, it sure seems like Clement and the Conservatives are nothing more than an empty vessel, merely waiting for the Americans to tell them what to do. Can SOMEONE please explain the technical restrictions on Canada that preclude our acting on this policy, without waiting for the Americans?:
Industry Minister Tony Clement says Ottawa is considering a scrappage program that would pay consumers to get rid of their old, polluting vehicles.

He says the federal government is closely watching a similar proposal that's winding its way through U.S. Congress.

Clement says Ottawa is also looking at what's happening in other European countries.

Why are we closely watching what the Americans or Europeans are doing? Isn't it a tad ridiculous that Clement is paralyzed, until he finds foreign direction on a purely domestic policy? Why is Canada fixated on this "buy America" provision when it comes to ideas? Maybe CPAC can start carrying proceedings from Washington so Canadians can get a better handle on the progress of our initiatives. I sure hope Congress doesn't kill Canada's scrappage program for old vehicles. Let us know how it all pans out Tony. NUTS.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing new with the Reform Party asking what to do. That's probably why they keep harping on the Liberals policies looking for ideas to use. They have no ideas on their own so they like to sit in the background looking for answers from them.Didn't they do that about the budget and don't they still blame the Liberals for not helping them when it was not up to the Liberals to do it for them?. What a sorry inadequate team of dumb dumbs we have for a government. Regards, Marie

CuzBen said...

Hey Steve,

I'm sure you'll be just as quick to denounce your provincial Liberal cousins at Queens Park who have turned deflection and deferral into a fine art.

This scrappage idea is a good one and could be implemented provincially, now.

All this economic deflecting is a shame, to be sure, but not a particularly Conservative one, IMO.

penlan said...

This Con govt. already has a car scrappage program so what the heck is Clement going on about? It was 1st introduced by Baird.
Go read:

Steve V said...

At least McGuinty penned his own Green Energy Act ;)