Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's A Shame

It would appear the rumors that "Politics" will likely be cancelled by the CBC are true. It's pretty sad that our public broadcaster would even entertain killing the only show that offers in depth analysis of our political circumstance, both national and provincial. I don't know the monetary considerations, but Newsworld is supposedly devoted to giving viewers coverage beyond the normal soundbite level which now plagues regular broadcasts. Cancelling a show, which delves deeper into the issues, offers detailed discussion with experts, partisans, across the spectrum, represents a pretty significant loss. The public is worse for this decision.

I've already sent an email to CBC to voice my concern, and I would encourage others to do the same under "complaint" at "Newsworld":



Greg said...

My wife will be pleased. I will cry.

penlan said...

Steve, Where did you get the info that Politics will be cancelled? Also when I click on the link you provide my screen freezes & can't get there.

Steve V said...

The link freezes for some reason. Delacourt mentioned this rumor last week, so this would seem to be some confirmation.

Steve V said...

Here's the full text from the link, for those who can't get it:

26 May CBC’s Politics to be canceled
The past week of rumors tumbling out of CBC headquarters in Toronto are correct: Don Newman’s chair will not be filled on the venerable show Politics.

In fact, several senior sources inside the CBC have confirmed the plan to cancel Politics show outright. CBC Newsworld is undergoing a network “transformation” and while the “transformed” schedule might have had a spot for Don Newman, it won’t now that he is taking early retirement.

A co-hosted duel-city show with an economic edge coming out of Toronto and Ottawa may replace it. I’m also hearing Carol MacNeil may be tapped to lead this effort.

CBC spokesperson Jeff Keay refused to confirm the cancellation saying management was, “Still in the process of looking at what form the show will take.”

Anonymous said...

I was watching the National (or possibly the Sunday Report)in the evening one day and they mentioned that Don Newman is retiring. They did not say, at the time, the show would be cancelled.

I think it was about a month or so ago.


RuralSandi said...

We need CBC to let us know what's going on. For example, I was flipping around the TV this afternoon - on CBC an announcment by McGuinty and Elton John regarding the production of an animated film in a Toronto studio which will crated jobs. Elton John is very impressed with the Canadian artists/animation people.

CTV - nothing about it. They had on Jane Taber yapping about Michelle Jean which was already all over the newsworld.

If CBC goes - all we'll have is FOX News North - if you see their new news channel set up - it's very much like Fox.

The other alternative is CPAC.

Don't Tase Me, Bro! said...

It's sad that a national institution cannot keep a show about politics running after their chief anchor retires, but a network like CTV in the event that Mike Duffy retired they were about to pick some schmuck from Washington and keep things running.