Friday, May 15, 2009

Like A Lead Balloon

Doesn't look like Saturday's edition of Canada's national newspaper will be kind:


And, for good MEASURE


I smell a trend:

Tories looking like narrow-minded bigots

"Conservative attack ads on Ignatieff take us all for fools. "

Nitwits of negativity reach new low

"These ads are schoolyard tripe -- insular, provincial, anti-intellectual. Is this the best that Harper and the finest conservative minds in the land can do?

Enough of this, dare we say it, crap. Let's have a clash of ideas, in the House and in the street and in the news. Let's look up, not down."

Tories should can attack ads

"Instead of fixing a negative, disparaging storyline to the new Liberal leader, the Tories may succeed only in reinforcing a damaging narrative about themselves -- as angry, slightly mean-spirited, defensive folks who believe the way to voters' hearts is to call other people names."

Conservatives' attack ads target Ignatieff, and Americans

"the most offensive smear ads I've ever seen."

Harper is hampered by his lack of vision

"But there's no rhetorical lift coming from Harper. And his entourage's idea of smart politics is to try to define Michael Ignatieff with a flight of attack ads. What a pity, to waste such a leadership moment.

It's sad for Harper, a leader in need of a big idea. And it's sad for our country, which is crying out for unifying, not divisive, leadership."

Tory attack ads may backfire

"That's an accusation that resembles childish name-calling more than serious comment...

The best advice the Conservatives could get came from Ignatieff himself. "This is the old style of politics," he said. "We're in the middle of a serious economic crisis. This government needs to grow up and do its job properly."



Jennifer Smith said...

Wow. When did the Old Grey Lady become such a cool newspaper? (around the same time my father stopped reading it, apparently :)

Someone obviously forgot to tell the boys in the war room that smart is the new black. Or maybe they're still operating out of the FOX News playbook.

Anonymous said...

Check out this column in the Vancouver Sun: Tories looking like narrow minded bigots.

sassy said...

Anon at 7:02am - thanks for the link to the Vancouver Sun article.

" It's called tearing down somebody else's mountain in an attempt to build your own molehill. It might also be characterized as precisely what Edmund Burke meant when he observed that the personal attack is the last refuge of the scoundrel who has nothing of substance to say. "

Steve V said...

Gee, can't seem to find anything but SCATHING editorials this morning. And, all those months of hard work in preparation.

Anonymous said...

Paul Wells has gone in a different direction - he's done an article about Ignatieff using pronouns too much.