Sunday, May 24, 2009

Land Of The Lost

This one is pretty clever:


Kris said...

I really like the use of the "team" photo.

Anonymous said...

it is your america as much as it is mine.
sounds like true patriot love to me! rules

RuralSandi said...

Oh there goes Anonymous 1:31 - all over the blogosphere with this kind of nonsense (in hiding yet) - brave Con troll or, are you working for Harper?

Just occurred to me - Harper is insulting Ontario again. In the negative ads he makes fun of Ignatieff liking Algonquin Park - why?

It beautiful - nature, wild life, camping, etc. I see absolutely no problem with liking Algonquin Park.

Does Harper resent Ontario?

Steve V said...


I smell nothing but fear.

JimmE said...

From Colorado, this all seems so small; so very small.