Thursday, May 14, 2009


We've heard rumors of Ben Mulroney possibly entering federal politics, even worse under the Liberal banner. I have to admit, big tent or not, if this rumor actually came to pass, it would have constituted a "line in the sand" moment for myself and the Liberal Party. We all have our limits, and this notion was ridiculous on a number of fronts. With that in mind, I'm pleased to know that Ben will not be running:
"No, I'm not interested in going into politics," he said. "I'm flattered by people who think that I would be capable of that. I'm an engaged Canadian citizen, I pay attention to what's going on, and I feel I have a stake in what's going on, but I don't necessarily feel that I'm a person with solutions to offer."

Though he concedes that he has long had problems with the Liberal party, he calls Michael Ignatieff a "gentleman." And Mulroney insists that no party can depend on his vote.

A nation extends a warm thanks.


saskboy said...

The media would love it. I would not.

Anonymous said...

The story didn't ring true in the first place. Ben Mulroney, as I understand it, had just accepted a radio job of some sort. Also, considering the stuff going on with his father right now, of course he wouldn't run because people would take their anger out on him.

Perhaps the rumour was on purpose just to shake up the Cons a little - never know.

Steve V said...

It would almost be an insult to the institution. Oh wait, there is Helena...

Steve V said...


Agreed, I wasn't really buying it. That said, I like the confirmation.