Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Remember the days when Harper was the tough guy, and Liberals were left to cower behind curtains? Remember when the Liberals would threaten this and that, only to be exposed when push came to shove? Conservatives relished the moment, decisive, strong, always up for a fight. I wonder how if feels now to know that Stephen Harper has become what he and his over confident minions once mocked:
Tories move to avoid non-confidence vote

The Harper government plans to block any chance of a spring election by using the parliamentary calendar to delay a possible non-confidence motion by the Liberals.

The Canadian Press has learned that government informed some of its rivals that it will push back the Liberals' opportunity to table an opposition motion to June 17.

The best part, Harper looks the unthinkable, the most bitter of pills, the dreaded PAUL MARTIN comparison. Say it ain't so:
The government tactic is reminiscent of one used by the Liberals in 2005 when they feared being defeated and pushed opposition days to the end of the calendar.

It's not all bad I suppose:
Conservative organizers have put it out that a cocktail for Stephen Harper at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel tonight will draw 2,500. people

A great turnout in Quebec, by my calculations using a slew of recent polling, this would mean almost all Conservative voters in the province will be together in one room. Impressive, go get em Mr. Mean!


KNB said...

lol, great minds and all of that...

Weird, tonight Taber said that only 500 were expected to attend the Harper 'plea for more understanding' event. (My term, not hers.) Is this the one where Dumont is the guest of (dis)honour?

Steve V said...

Yes, he's supposed to be there. Sort of a weird symbolic foreboding quality. The guy who faded to oblivion, after showing such promise in Quebec.

Oops, look the Cons oversold their event...

Steve V said...

Harper tonight, giving a feisty speech

"They’ll never again be able to say that I wrote off Quebec"

No, but they'll be able to say Quebec wrote you off.

"Our party and our organization are getting stronger in all parts of Quebec, including Montreal."

And still ahead of the Greens don't forget. There's a blue tide comin...

Anonymous said...

Delusions. No election coming, no blue tide. Get real.

Anonymous said...

I found the "They'll never again be able to say I wrote off Quebec" line interesting.

What does that mean, exactly, and what does it imply?

It sounds to me like someone who knows he will be blamed for the collapse of the party in a key region of the country and wants to have on historical record that he "never gave up."

It certainly doesn't sound a positive note. Why insert that line in the speech? I don't get it.