Saturday, May 02, 2009

Liveblogging The Convention

I'm on the floor at the Liberal Convention. This blogger accreditation is a great gig, a few of us are up on the risers with the media. A note on proper etiquette, in case you are wondering. If there is no one around, but a nondescript bag is placed on a table, that means it's reserved for a reporter from Le Devoir. Should you sit in said seat, expect nasty glares. A later apology and it's all good :)

Alf Apps is speaking, as the precursor to Michael's speech. Quite looking forward to Ignatieff, the room is packed and enthusiastic. Love-in 2009 reaches crescendo...


Here comes the big fella!!! Man this place is jacked.

I'm going to soak this in (really I can't multi-task), but fellow Libloggers Impolitical and Jeff Jedras are doing an excellent job detailing the proceedings.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve!

Great getting to spend time with you in the blogging cube this weekend! I wish we could get to do things like that more often.

What was your highlight of the convention? I think mine was really just getting the chance to put a face too all the online friends I've made over the years.

Ignatieff's speech is definitely a close second though!

Steve V said...

It was really nice to meet everyone. It was also neat to see the work you put in to get those videos online.

I guess mine was a chance to finally meet Kennedy in person. Oh, and to watch everyone fawn over Justin ;)

Til next time...