Friday, May 01, 2009

First Quarter Fundraising

The fundraising results for the first quarter are out for all parties. I've already reviewed the Liberal uptick, but another positive development is the number of donors who have given to the party. The Liberals have added 5000 donors year to year, which translates into a 50% increase. The Conservatives have lost 5000 donors year to year and their fundraising has suffered to the tune of 600 000. The NDP numbers are well off year to year, almost half the amount raised previously, although if we use the second quarter numbers from last year the drop off is less significant. The NDP donor figure also shows noticeable erosion.

Here's a rundown, year to year differences:
Liberals 1,831,843.33 (15,230 donors) 2009
Liberals 846,129.37 (10,169 donors) 2008

Conservatives 4,361,540.04 (39,432 donors) 2009
Conservatives 4,954,550.22 (44,345 donors) 2008

NDP 595,611.16 (10,304) 2009
NDP 1,119,647.67 (13,329 donors) 2008

The Liberal numbers were floated a couple days ago, and I can confirm a sense of excitement here in Vancouver, in terms of fiscal momentum. Nobody is under any illusions, the caveat of "much work to do" is always near, but the relative improvement is impressive. Reviewing the donor list, what was a 5 to 1 ratio with the Conservatives, is a much more respectable 3 to 1 (again relatively). Reviewing the other party figures provides another positive for Liberals, with some evidence of apathy within the Conservative base. Ditto for the NDP numbers, who easily post their worst monetary and donor numbers in quite some time. In other words, the only party with positive indicators are the Liberals.

In terms of optics, all this data congeals into a attractive frame for the Liberals, which is elevated by the concurrent drift elsewhere. Work to do, but work being done.


Anonymous said...

Steve, are your NDP figures reversed (2008 and 2009). What you show doesn't seem to match what you wrote . . . unless I'm misinterpreting or mis-reading.

Steve V said...

Oops. Too much "fun" last night ;) Fixed.