Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Interesting Contrast

While Harper huddled with strategists at 24 Sussex planning ways to hurt his political opponent for personal gain, Ignatieff huddled with some of the best economic minds in the country at Stornoway, trying to find a way out of this economic mess for Canadians gain.

An interesting CONTRAST on priorities, one the Liberals might want to highlight. "A Tale Of Two Houses".


Scott Tribe said...

MIght wanna double-check that link

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1. You arrived here via a search engine or another website and the link is old and/or broken.
2. We have a bad link and you were unlucky enough to click on it.
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Kris said...

It was the Globe's new format switchover. It's all good now!

burlivespipe said...

Nope it ain't.
But Steve's succinct points have me intrigued enough to track it down. Plus, any sign of a CON collapse (no polls of late?) will help boost spirits and the fund drive...

Dan Fox said...

Corrected link:

Steve V said...

I updated the link, not sure what happened there.